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Augusta Hope are proud to support 4Africa, an incredible charitable organisation who aim to help Ugandan women help themselves; and create a source of income for themselves & their families affected by HIV.

4Africa is an organisation that aims to improve the conditions for poor and HIV/ positive families of the Ugandan women workers. The women develop skills to create beautiful, hand crafted products. Products that will allow the women a sustainable income for themselves and their families.

4Africa is a business based organisation that combines social responsibility with the creation of beautiful high quality products. It employs about 50 Ugandan women with an aim to providing them with a sustainable livelihood. They are trained and educated in a craft and taught business skills that contribute to their long term independence and pride.

The women are trained in crotchet knitting, jewellery making, and bag production and we ensure that all revenue proceeds go towards giving nearly 50 vulnerable women in Uganda a sustainable and fair income. The women at 4Africa also receive nutritious meals every day, further training and provision for their children to attend a well-run day care centre.

4Africa products are created under safe, fair and pleasant working conditions. We believe that the development of profitable business is a preferred way out of poverty and despair.

The focus is very much on running a fair trade business. The goal is that 4Africa in Uganda will become an independent and sustainable business. We give the women respect, support, and knowledge. Honest work should be a basic human right, and 4Africa will continue trying to provide exactly that.

Products you will be proud to gift. Important to you. Essential to them.